Green Laning

New for Summer/Autumn 2011

Green Laning / Trail Riding Adventure days are a fantastic way to make use of the many unsurfaced highways and byways found throught Devon and Cornwall. This activity simply leads to some of the most enjoybale biking experiences ever. These adventure days are focused towards entry level trail riding, offering those that are interested in taking up the activity more seriously the opportunity to try it out using our bikes and safety gear before spending £1000's on your own. A Motorcycle licenced is required and spaces are limited due to the nature of this activity and the number of bikes available. To register your interest or to book please call 07805 202385 or email us.


Starting at: Fatherford Farm, Okehampton, Devon, EX20 1QQ

Green Laning Adventure Days

One of the first things you will notice when we set off is that we head straight for the norrow, tighter back roads (often no more than 3m wide and with grass growing down the middle), we take you away from the main roads in search of the rougher, dirtier, unused highways and byways. The whole idea of this is to introduce you to Green Laning and the lanes around our local area are easy to medium in difficulty and suitable for all levels of rider. You will find some lanes are wet and muddy, whilst a few miles away another lane may be dry and stoney. In the past riders have found a session on the smaller lighter trials bikes helps get a better appreciation of the control required within an off road environment which in turn helped them when transfering the skills across to these slightly heavier and taller trail bikes used on our adventures days. What we love about Green Laning is the ability to ride a motorbike anytime of the year, in all weather conditions, seeing sights you would never normally see on your road bike whilst having a great time with a small group of your friends or like minded riders.

Bikes used for Greenlaning

Our fleet currently consists of bikes between 125cc and 250cc, we have recently purchased a Kawasaki KLX 125 (perfect for those riders that need a much lower seat height). All our bikes have a reliable, easy going 4 stroke engine with an electric start, they are very stable and ideal for dealing with the variety of terrain that you will be faced with.


The minimum age is 17 and a motorcycle licence is required (for learner riders a current CBT certificate will be required). Due to the nature of the activity these bikes although lighter do have a higher seat height than most normal road bikes, so if you feel you may struggle do give us a call, we have recently purchased a Kawasaki KLX 125 to accommodate the shorter rider.

Times & Price

£150.00 = Guided Tour of our local green lanes.

Price includes: Trail bike, Fuel, Road risk insurance, all Safety gear and refreshments.

Our guided tour lasts approx 5 hours, the actual time taken will very much depend on your previous biking experience and the current ground and weather conditions.

Prices for Trail Bike Hire only can be found at Motorcycles 2 Hire

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Why Not Mix It Up!

The ultimate biking weekend is waiting in Devon for you, so why not mix it up a bit. Have a days Greenlaning followed by a days Trials riding or take a trip around Devon and Cornwall on one of our road bikes. We can help arrange B&B for you and/or your group. Mixing it up allows you the opportunity to come and enjoy some of the the best biking roads and locations found within the Southwest.

What about Motorcycle Hire!

Motorcycles 2 Hire offer a great selection of motorbikes from 125cc suitable for learners through to 1150cc adventure/tourer bikes. Located just off the A30 at Okehampton they have the perfect starting point for riders wishing to explore the Southwest, the UK or even Europe with ferries departing Plymouth to France and Spain. Prices include insurance, luggage and breakdown recovery. They can be contacted on 01837 52012 or 07813 901322

To book a Trail Adventure or Trials Experience call: +44(0)7805 202385